At Grant Thornton Baltic, people do their work with care, but they also know how to have fun in their free time. One of the most eagerly anticipated events is the annual Christmas party, which is traditionally held in January. A spring hike has also become a tradition: it has taken team members to Setumaa and the island of Aegna, as well as to bogs and quarries. For many years, an opening event of the autumn season was organised to review the previous year’s results and the goals for the season ahead, and included workshops and team games. There is also a club for theatre lovers, who attend performances at Tallinn City Theatre. Sport too is a favourite: employees take part in the Stamina series of running races, in team triathlons and in tennis tournaments.

Ingrid Veigel, Birgit Valner, Maire Tali and Ene Rahula enjoy the Christmas party.

Good food is obviously part of a good (working) life as well. For example, the Accounting Department has a decades-old tradition of enjoying a cake together every week. Ene Rahula remembers the custom starting in the 1990s, when accountants had to deliver sick-leave certificates to the Health Insurance Fund. “When someone left the office, they never came back empty-handed,” she smiles. “They’d always go to the shop or bakery and get a treat to enjoy with their colleagues later on.” This tradition fell by the wayside during the pandemic, when getting together proved difficult.

People also spent their time playing games at the summer retreat. In this photo is Raul Koni, Partner and Head of the Tartu office from 2004-2015, jumping with a skipping rope.

However, going into the office should not be forgotten just because working from home has become fashionable. As well as seeing colleagues again, you might also get the chance to enjoy something delicious. For example, every Tuesday a table is laid with fruit and vegetables at the company’s expense, and occasionally a colleague will surprise you with a cake they’ve brought in, even if it’s not their birthday.

Tarmo Rahkama, who worked in a catering company before he joined Rimess, has remained loyal to the world of food and quite often delights his colleagues with a cake or pie he has baked himself. However, the roof terrace at the Pärnu Road office with its wonderful views has made it possible to follow the preparation of delicacies in real time. “I once made a hundred savoury pancakes with a minced meat and onion filling for my colleagues,” Rahkama recalls of a cooking marathon on the terrace.

Office and HR Specialist Barbara Püss at the staff tennis tournament.

Artur and Erik Suits also know how to cook for big crowds: at least twice a year, at the end-of-season picnic and the afterparty of the tennis tournament, the father and son prepare a wide range of food for the whole company. There are other events too where you can enjoy the cooking skills of the Suits team.

Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian colleagues have a party in a train carriage in 2015.

But enough talking, because they say a picture is worth a thousand words. So, dear reader, take a look at the following photo gallery and you can see how the people at Grant Thornton Baltic enjoy life!